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Lewisville Residents questions STR legality.

The Texas legislation defines short term rentals as hotels for tax purposes and taxes them with the Hotel Occupancy Tax. HOT.

Lewisville city defines Hotels as not being allowed in single family residential areas and a HOT tax is applicable to Hotels.

How can STR's operate with impunity in Lewisville if Hotels are not allowed in single family residential areas? Should a new area be defined for Short Term Rentals only.

The Lewisville landfill site may be appropriate.

Please help us find out why and help protect your neighborhood. Join to learn more as we fight to protect our neighborhood from the scourge of party house AirBnB short term rentals .

YOU can make the difference.

STR's create high levels of stress, noise, trash, nuisance and crime to neighborhoods and STR's should be banned from Single Family Residential Neighborhoods.

Homes Not Hotels Lewisville Chapter
Homes Not Hotels Lewisville Chapter


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