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Attention TNC Members: Texas Neighborhoods Under Threat in 2025 Legislative Session

The Texas Neighborhood Coalition (TNC) is calling on all members to fight back against efforts to remove zoning authority from local governments and eliminate single-family neighborhoods statewide in the upcoming 2025 legislative session.

Why is Local Zoning Important?

Local zoning allows communities to make informed decisions about growth and development based on their unique needs. This includes factors like:

  • Population density

  • Traffic capacity

  • Infrastructure

  • Service availability

One-size-fits-all zoning from the state capital would be disastrous for Texas' diverse communities.

What We Opposed in 2023

TNC successfully defeated Senate Bill 1412 in the 2023 session. This bill, disguised as an "accessory dwelling unit" measure, would have mandated two dwellings on every single-family lot. This radical legislation would have doubled density and strained infrastructure, harming our neighborhoods.

The Threat in 2025

  • Lobby groups like "Texans for Reasonable Solutions" and the Texas Public Policy Foundation are pushing for statewide zoning changes that benefit developers, not homeowners.

  • California's SB9 law, enacted in 2021, serves as a cautionary tale of disruption caused by similar measures.

Take Action Now!

  1. Contact your state representatives and senators. Tell them to "DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS NEIGHBORHOODS! LEAVE SINGLE-FAMILY ZONING ALONE." Find your representatives at Who Represents Me?

  2. Stay tuned for further updates from TNC. We'll provide additional actions you can take to protect your neighborhood in the coming months.

Together, we can ensure local control over our communities and preserve the Texas dream of single-family homeownership!

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