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Texas Neighborhood Coalition
Lewisville Chapter

Coming Up Next

Take action and join us at the next event that will help save your neighborhood.

No upcoming events at the moment

Our Mission

Our mission is to save Lewisville neighborhoods by ending short-term rentals in all areas zoned as residential.

We are the Lewisville chapter of the Texas Neighborhood Coalition. We are a group of volunteers working together to protect the safety of our homes, the well-being of our families, and the integrity and value of our Lewisville neighborhoods. 

Latest News from Lewisville Texas Neighborhood Coalition

About STRs in Lewisville

The existing Lewisville ordinance

How to Get Involved

In Person

Our group is speaking at Lewisville City Council.

Join us in the audience to show your support. 


Send an email to Lewisville City Council to let them know your opposition to STRs in residential neighborhoods. 

Tell your friends

Tell your friends and neighbors about . Invite them to join our private Facebook page. 

If you experiencing any noise or other issues in your neighborhood  from STR's?,
call Lewisville Police Department's non-emergency phone number to register the incident:

Unless you call, it did not happen.
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